Edwin Jagger Light Horn English Shaving Brush - Avitas Grooming Club

Edwin Jagger Light Horn English Shaving Brush

Feel the love with the Edwin Jagger English Shaving Brush. This Super Badger, Imitation Light Horn, Large is handmade in Sheffield and displays superior quality. Using selected polyester material each brush is hand filled with the finest super badger quality badger hair. Soft and luxurious, you will experience a rich lather with every shave.

Size: Large Shaving Brush

Diameter: 40mm.

Overall Height: 110mm

How to Care For Your Brush:

  1. Clean the brush with Avitas Shaving Solution and warm water
  2. NEVER boil your brush!
  3. Avoid pressing the brush into the skin. This will break the badger hair. Instead, stroke it sideways,like a painter's brush
  4. To dry, gently pat with a dry towel