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Edwin Jagger Traditional English Handmade Shaving Brush

Edwin Jagger shaving brushes are filled with the highest quality, hand graded badger hair from the badger species Meles. Used for more than two centuries to make the finest shaving brushes, the hair absorbs water, and, when combined with a good quality shaving soap, produces a rich shaving lather. With the circular lathering motion the fine tips of badger hair lift and soften the beard to create a smooth, creamy shaving lather, cleanse and massage the face gently resulting in a comfortable shave.

Purchase the Best Badger small shaving brush today and experience a sensational shave.

Size: Shaving Brush Small Handle

Diameter: 29mm (1 1/8”),

Overall Height: 88mm (3 1/2”)

How to Care For Your Brush:

  1. Clean the brush with Avitas Shaving Solution and warm water
  2. NEVER boil your brush!
  3. Avoid pressing the brush into the skin. This will break the badger hair. Instead, stroke it sideways, like a painter's brush
  4. To dry, gently pat with a dry towel